Welcome To My World…

Hi there!

It is such a privilege for me to welcome you into my fab, fantastic and flourishing world.

My name is Yolanda and writing has been a passion of mine since forever.

Publishing a website was also on my to-do list, but then life (as most of us will know), happened and I had to set my dreams -temporarily- aside.

But here I am!

Finally taking the plunge and stepping into the infotainment world. I really can’t wait to share my adventures of being a mommy & just generally my life, which most of you will be able to relate to, with you.

The purpose of this space is primarily to share how I am experiencing life as a South African woman; including the good, the bad and the hopeful minimum ugly.

You might be wondering where Sassy Samy comes from and why you must follow my posts? Well to be honest I’m just a regular girl-next-door who’s trying to find her spot in the sun.

By the way, Samy derives from squishing all my initials together. Sassy is just, well, one word that sums me up! And it’s also an acronym for South African Sophisticated Scintillating and Yourself.

Coincidental? I think not…

So, to sum up my very first official post, I am Yolanda and I can’t wait to share some facets of my world with you.

Hopefully we’ll be able to laugh, live and learn from each other.

Heaven knows this is exactly what we need to escape, even if it’s just for a teeny tiny moment in time, the somewhat harsh realities in our lives.

It was lovely chatting to you and please, don’t be a stranger now!